Revolutionising Payments and Data, HK 7.9

Festy x Datum x Maker DAO

Friday, 7th September 2018

Hong Kong Edition: Revolutionising the Payments and Data Industry

Venue: Genesis Block, 1/F, 269–273 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Revolutionising the Payments and Data Industry is a meetup happening in Genesis Block, Hong Kong on the 7th of September beginning at 6.30pm featuring Graham de Barra, Festy; Roger Haenini, Datum; and Chao Pan, Maker DAO. Register free here.

With the digitalisation of payments from a cash economy, the way in which we interact with money has fundamentally shifted. Consumers have become digital gold for the transaction data they accumulate on a day to day basis. How this data is governed and controlled is paramount to the development of digital payments.

Convenience and privacy are constantly at odds with each other for consumers. With wearable and contactless payments, Festy is both a convenient way to pay while retaining control over your data. Through the platform consumers can choose to sell the data they produce from payments and control who has access. This gives merchants and marketing companies a transparent way to use data and trust consumer insight and statistics.

Blockchain can have a real impact on the protection of transaction data and how this data is governed in new payment systems. Discover the latest developments of Festy and why transaction data matters to you.

Full Agenda

6.30pm Networking

7.00pm Introduction to speakers & sponsors
HuiChi Man, Director, Provenance Events

7.10pm Protecting & Promoting Private Payments
Graham de Barra, CEO, Festy

7.30pm The Feasibility of Stable Currency
Chao Pan, Senior Economist, Maker DAO

7.50pm Data Marketplaces using Blockchain
Roger Haenni, CEO, Datum

8.10pm Questions & Answers

8.30pm Finish

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