Festy at Defcon 26

We had the pleasure to organise a Bit-Show session at Integrity during Defcon, Las Vegas. The session was entitled, “Protecting and Promoting Human Rights with Blockchain Design”.

Our CEO Graham de Barra sat down with Michael Tidwell, engineer of Tierion to explore the applications for Proof of Existence in the protection of health and privacy. Tierion allows its users to create a verifiable and immutable record of any data on the Blockchain.

Festy has a welfare and medical use case at festivals, where punters can upload emergency medical information (such as allergies, friends and family emergency contact information, substance use, etc) on their wristbands. First responders to an emergency would be able to decrypt this vital information and help save lives. In developing this on the Festy platform, Proof of Existence has emerged as a technology that can record medical events.

The day of events, situated in a crypto mansion, also featured Q&A and banter with Fluffy Pony. Perhaps the funniest introductions at a crypto gathering were given by comedian Mike Salvi. More of this please!

We would like to thank Michael Tidwell and all guests for their thought provoking contribution throughout the day and our hosts International Security Evaluators. Be sure to visit IoT Village in Caesar’s Palace if you are in Vegas this weekend.

Learn more about how Festy protects transactional data and promotes medical welfare among its consumers at www.festy.ie