Building on the Blockchain

* Opera Group Events rebranded to Provenance Events in April 2018*

With 168 registrants and over 100 people in attendance, what happened in Deloitte’s EMEA Blockchain Lab in Dublin, Ireland certainly didn’t stay within the event. The outcome from this event was achieved and people of all walks of life became familiar with real use cases for blockchain.

Provenance events is one of the most successful community events held within Ireland on blockchain technology. Therewas no mention of crypto investment. Not a single word around money, finance or ICOs was mentioned.

Our events are held all around the world with the aim to help people understand blockchain technology. We hand-pick the best developers from teams within the industry who have implemented and build successful projects. At this particular event, we selected three speakers working in blockchain on different projects in various industries. We partnered with Deloitte’s EMEA Blockchain Lab in Dublin who supported our event and attendees with food and drink.

Firstly, we had Ronan Sandford, Senior Developer from Festy ( Ronan is an Ethereum developer working on the blockchain infrastructure for Festy. Ronan spoke about how Festy is implementing crypto payments in the entertainment industry. Festy is leading the future of payments by integrating cashless crypto payments and ticketing in festivals and events.

Secondly, Oleg Girko, Developer from Dash Evolution ( spoke about how Dash is currently working on their payments platform for users and how digital cash is used within the network.

Lastly, our sponsors Deloitte, Guilherme Campos and Kean Gilbert did a joint presentation on how they have implemented blockchain with their client DNVGL. They assisted DNVGL in building a blockchain Proof of Concept that offers certification on the blockchain.

This was no doubt an interesting event with great participation from the audience during Q&A.

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Photo credit: Peadar Gill (from left to right: Oleg Girko (DASH), Jake Walsh (Festy), Alex Shapovalov (Festy), Darren Dineen (Festy), Graham de Barra (Opera Group), HuiChi Man (Provenance Events), Kean Gilbert (Deloitte), Guilherme Campos (Deloitte), Ronan Sandford (Festy) and Paul Merrick (Festy).