Blockchain Beyond Borders: Korean DMZ

Festy Talks is a new podcast series exploring cultural, political and scientific impacts surrounding blockchain in society. This episode Blockchain Beyond Borders will take place in the Korean DMZ on the 19th of November, as part of a “think outside the blocks” event Provenance Summit 2018.

With an ongoing 16 year civil war in Korea, conflict between two nations up until recently seemed to be never ending.

The concept of decentralisation has become prevalent due to the developments in Blockchain technology. When applied to nation States, decentralising how a country is governed can bring about a more open society. Decentralisation has the potential to reinforce ideas beyond borders through a universal mechanism for open trade, digitally, without restrictions. This has become apparent with recent adoption of blockchain education among North Korean universities and evidence of nodes being operated in the North of the peninsula. It has become glaringly obvious that Governments cannot stop the adoption of blockchain and stand to benefit by capitalising on this industry.

Korean Winter Olympics team joins together under the one flag symbolises hope

Blockchain Beyond Borders explores the potential impacts blockchain can have on geopolitics with a focus on human rights, self determination and models of decentralised governance. Travelling to the DMZ along the Korean border is your opportunity to begin to truly understand the debate without the narrative of the media. Learn from tour guides, blockchain experts, government and locals how peace and reconciliation can potentially be achieved and what implications technology can have on understanding the conflict beyond the contraints of borders.

What impact will privacy coins have on trade between sanctioned countries? What does disruption mean for politics? What does a decentralised Nation State look like?

Festy invites you to join us on a day-expedition to the DMZ on November 21st as part of Provenance Summit 2018. Attendees will get a unique insight into the history and current state of affairs between North and South Korea with a Korean tour guide. The Festy Talks podcast will occur during the retreat and features Dimitrios Psarrakis of the EU Parliament. Dimitrios was the co-author of the recent blockchain resolution that passed in the EU Parliament offering insights into how Governments are beginning to embrace blockchain to realise the potential of different models of democracy; from classical Greece to the future.

The next speaker to be included is Ameer Rosic, CEO of Block Geeks the largest online blockchain education hub. Ameer is a serial entrepreneur helping bring adoption of blockchain to the masses having partned with Dimitry Buterin, the grandfather of Ethereum, a global supercomputer of decentralised applications.

Your ticket includes:

  • Return transport to and from DMZ and surrounding towns

  • LunchTour guides

  • Entrance to museums and parks

  • Festy Talks live podcast

  • Networking opportunity with delegates of Provenance Summit

This event is part of the Festy Talks global series exploring cultural, scientific and political impacts surrounding blockchain technology in society.

Extremely limited number of tickets have been made available for this retreat. Apply here to be part of the delegation.

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Blockchain Beyond Borders is an “Outside the Blocks” event held during Provenance Summit 2018

We hope to see you in Korea!

Provenance Summit is a blockchain development conference happening in Korea